Splash's page

Finishes her championship

I knew better than to name her Splash, they always live up to their name!  But what a fun puppy to work with.  She is full of energy, fun loving but also loves to please.  She has tried everything we've exposed her to and done so with enthusiasm.  Splash "cannon-balled" into the show world getting 3 majors and 11 points her first 2 weekends from 6-9 month puppy class.  While I can't take credit for breeding her, (thanks Valerie Iddings Salisbury) I did breed both of her parents.  Her pedigree includes many of the dogs I've owned and loved. Her father is a full brother to Cootie and has the job of bringing n the shredded mail and paper to the Salisbury home each day.  Her mom also resides with Valerie.

Check back frequently to see this girl's next adventure.

Dock Diving "TRY IT"


And she went down the ramp and swam a lap!  I had to go in and push her back to the ramp.



Sheep caught her interest as well.

YouTube videos of her herding:



Running FAST CAT


Splash wasn't lightning but she stuck with it running consistently earning her BCAT. 

Border collie Nationals 2017

Splash earns her IT


Splash got 2 Q's to earn her  IT (Herding Instinct).

Splash and her loot


Wow. At just 12 months old, Splash made me proud placing third in 12-15 month puppy sweepstakes, 2nd in Open AOC for the national specialty show and 2nd in Open AOC for the parent club  show.