Nursing home visits

My mom

Many advantages

Puppies need socialization.  When we visit a nursing  home, they also get the experience of a bath, car ride in a crate, seperation from Mom along with alot of human interaction.



Some residence are bright and alert.  They wish they could live an independent life but circumstances don't allow.  For them, a puppy may be a glimpse of their past.  One gentleman brought tears to my eyes as he told me of his working farm and his dog that brought in the cows.  He spoke of his wish to live elsewhere and have a dog again.  As I returned the pup to our little wagon, he followed on wobbly legs to evaluate the litter and speak to and touch each puppy.  It took him about five seconds to pick his favourite.


The staff

I often wonder, who truly enjoys the visits more, the residents, the staff or other visitors.