Pet products


Pet beds

Complete PVC pet beds are available along with the basic hamick and washable bed covers.  Dimensions can be provided if you wish to purchase and cut your own PVC and purchase our hammock and cover.


Crate covers

Crate covers give your dog privacy and prevent dogs from seeing the area around them.  Mine tend to get upset at shows if I take one and leave the other in the crate.  By covering, they don't see me leave.  Covers also prevent others from casually contact by those passing by.  It has also been suggested that crate covers prevent the exposure of airborne contagious disease.  Custom made to fit the dimensions of your crates.  We provide the fabric or you can.  Email for more information.


Custom embroidery

We can currenty do small embroidery but will obtain a 6 thread babylock professional machine late July 2017 capable of larger designs. Embroidery designs can be added to any of the above to personalize your order.  Check back for details at that time.