Shocker's page

His name


When I planned his litter, it was from sentiment more than anything.  I owned and showed his aunt "Digger" who developed pyometria before I found a perfect keeper pup from her.  When I discovered that "Memphis" Digger's  litter mate was still producing at 10, I approached his owner.  I barely caught Cootie in heat, thanks to the "tissue test" for FAST CAT.  The timing was perfect as I was going to a show near where Memphis lived.  Then I anxiously waited to see if we were getting puppies.  At 4  weeks we had an ultrasound and I was told at least 4 puppies.  Five more weeks to wait!  At 8 weeks an x-ray said there were 5 puppies.  Although more than the ultrasound, I was a bit bummed there weren't more.  It is normal for Cootie to deliver two pups back to back.  Come delivery day, she delivered number 4 then rested.  I checked her, gave her a dose of oxytocin thinking this time she had gone one at a time.  But no!!  Number 5 was born and immediately number 6 shot out too.  That surprise puppy was my Shocker, and thus Omegamtn's Surprise Ending.



With both parents having coursing titles and mom having BCAT, it only stood to reason that this litter would love it too.  Shocker is quite the athlete.  Several from this litter have earned BCAT & CA.




Best of breed in Mobile & Grand Championship at 26 months.


Owner handled group 4 in Grey TN at 22 


Championship win at 12 months.